N-Vision is governed by a Board of Trustees who are responsible for controlling the management and administration of the charity. They have the ultimate responsibility for directing the affairs of N-Vision, ensuring that it is solvent and well-run, that it complies with Charity Law and the requirements of the Charity Commission and that it delivers the charitable outcomes for the benefit of the visually impaired people for which it was set up.


Clive Hirst

Clive Hirst – Chairman

I spent the first 30 years of my working life teaching in secondary schools in deprived areas. I chose to work with disadvantaged children because this is where the need is greatest. The last few years of my teaching career were devoted to children with physical and mental health problems.

A career change enabled me to continue working for disadvantaged people in Blackpool’s Voluntary Sector, managing projects on health, volunteering, computer recycling and business support. I became Patron of Blackpool Carers Centre after four years as Chair and am a Public Member of Spiral Health CIC. In 2006 I was the founding Chairman of Social Enterprise Solutions (UK) CIC. This business continues to support the growth of social enterprises including N-Vision. Working with Social Enterprise UK, I initiated the fast developing national Social Enterprise Places programme.

In 2009 I joined N-Vision as a member of the finance committee and was privileged to become Chairman in November 2015.

Barbara Whalley

Barbara Whalley – Vice Chair

I have witnessed the work at the Princess Alexandra Home first hand as my Father has been a resident. I was impressed by the standard of all aspects of the care he received.


Margaret Gough

Margaret Gough

I joined the Blackpool Fylde and Wyre Society for the Blind in 1993. I am a Trustee of the Society, a member of the Executive President’s Fundraising Sub-Committee and a former member of the Residential and Social Care Sub-Committee.

I have been a Rest Home owner, Hotel owner and Dress Shop owner.

I was involved with the Conservative Party for many years.

I am actively involved with the Queendeans Association, based at the Queens Hotel, which involves raising funds for local charities.

I feel that the qualities I bring as a Trustee of the Society are common sense, an active interest in fundraising, which I have undertaken for many years for the Society and for the Queendeans Association, organisational skills and a general interest in the well being of local visually impaired people.

Joy Killip

Joy Killip

Joy was in the entertainment section of the Royal Air Force for 8 years and then spent 10 years in Repertory Theatre before becoming a hotelier in Blackpool.  Although now retired as a hotelier she has a remaining interest in a local hairdressing salon.

She was a founding member of the Society’s Talking Newspaper Service over 30 years ago, along with being a past Chairman of the Society’s Appeals Committee  (former name of our fund raising committee – now disbanded). Joy resigned from the Appeals Committee to become Vice-Chairman of the Talking Newspaper Sub-Committee a position she held until she became the Chairman of the Talking Newspaper in 1990.  Joy is a very active Chairman being greatly involved in the running of the Talking Newspaper Service and the ‘voice’ of the Searchlight programme.

Joy is also a member of the Social and Residential Care Sub-Committee and a Trustee of the Society.

Joy’s hobbies include  playing, directing and coaching for local drama groups.  She is a past Chairman of Blackpool Operatic Players and lead player.

Gill Mackenzie

Gill MacKenzie

Gill spent her early years living in Preston.

She was the Blackpool Dance Festival Organiser from 1981 until 2004 when she retired.  Prior to that she was Assistant Casting Director at Granada TV.

Gill is the Secretary of the Friends of Blackpool Zoo.

Her hobbies are Tai Chi, Reading and going to the Theatre.

Gill became a volunteer in the Talking Newspaper Department in 2004, also becoming a member of the Talking Newspaper Sub-Committee in the same year.

She became a member of the Social and Residential Care Sub-Committee in January 2006 and a Trustee in November 2007.  Gill was appointed to the position of Chair of the Social and Residential Care Sub-Committee in September 2012.

Neville Preston

Neville Preston

Neville was born and grew up in Blackpool and upon leaving school served his time as a tool making apprentice with A Storr’s Engineering before joining Gilberts Blackpool Ltd as an Engineering Manager in 1968.  Neville had a lengthy career with Gilberts becoming Works Director in 1980 and in 1985 he was appointed Managing Director.

Additional positions that Neville has held include:

North West representative on the CBI

Vice-Chairman of the air conditioning group in HEVAC [Air Conditioning Association]

Chairman of the Lancaster and Wyre Patrons Club

Chairman of the Bowling Forum

A Member of the Blackpool Sports Council

His main hobby is playing bowls.

Neville was an advisor on the Employment Support Sub-Committee from 1989. He became a member of the Society in 1995 and joined the Employment Support Sub-Committee [previously called the Industries Sub-Committee]which disbanded in 2007.

He became a Member of the Finance Sub-Committee in January 1998 [Acting Chairman from January 2010 to July 2010] and a Trustee of the Society in March 1998.

Beverly Casey

Beverly Casey

My name is Beverly Casey and I am 44 years old. I was born on decimalisation day, 15th February 1971. I am visually impaired and have been since birth, with a rare eye condition called Aniridia which affects roughly 1 in 100,000 people. Despite my visual impairment I attended at a local main stream school and achieved high grades. Upon leaving school my ideal career was to become a child care assistant. I attended 6th form college to obtain the grades in which I would require. Unfortunately however due to a serious illness I was unable to fully complete the training. As a result I had to re think my career plans.

In 1987 I instead joined a Youth Training Scheme and began training within an administrative role.
In 1990 I attended the Royal National College for the Blind in Hereford, to further complete a BTEC Business and Finance course. Upon completing the course I achieved a BTEC business studies diploma, which secured me with a job within the department of work and pensions, as an Administrative Officer. My role within the company first began as a switchboard operator, and then later I became a Support Officer for a large team of advisers. Up until recently I worked for the Department for Work and Pensions for 22 years during which I was always proactive and committed within my job roles.

Throughout my years of both training and employment I have gained extensive skills and experiences along the way, in life, personal and administrative skills. My main qualities as a result are I can communicate openly with people at all levels. I am flexible and I have good organisational skills in which I really enjoy in putting to use when organising both personal and family events. I also enjoy being creative wherever possible.

I am very keen to offer help and support to other visually impaired people in anyway I can, to help their every day lives become much easier and enjoyable for them, as it is for me. I feel I will be able to do this by being given the opportunity to demonstrate my productiveness and commitment, but equally I can also provide administrative skills, dedication and loyalty to the society.

Pat Lord

Pat Lord

I am 68 years old and have lived locally all of my life. I have 5 children and 9 grandchildren. My hobbies include gardening, travelling, reading, music, theatre, enjoying days out with my friends and going to the gym.

I retired from the Nuclear Industry at the end of 2001 after nearly 30 years. I worked for the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority in the Accounts Department until 1994 and then for British Nuclear Fuels as a Contractor with the Decommissioning Team.

Since retiring I have worked as a volunteer for the PIP organization in a local nursery supporting children with special needs, sadly I had to resign because of a back injury. I then joined the Lancashire and South Cumbria Cancer Network as a member of the Cancer Partnership Group (CPG).

The CPG consists of people who are current or former patients, carers or family members of someone who has been affected by cancer and healthcare workers who provide cancer services. The group was set up to ensure that the views of people using cancer services are being heard. We work together with the shared aim of improving cancer services through shaping them at a local, regional and national level.

Local CPG meetings take place every other month and representatives from each local group attend the network meeting. As a CPG member I am also invited to attend various meetings within the network to represent patients and carers and speak up on their behalf.

I have attended various training courses since joining the CPG and I studied for a year to gain the Macmillan Cancer Support Certificate.

I also have CRB clearances to work as a volunteer at Blackpool Victoria Hospital and to help out in the classroom at Lancaster Lane Primary School in Leyland, where two of my grandchildren attend.


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