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N-Vision has more than 30 years experience of transcribing newspapers, magazines and business literature into accessible formats.

With that proven track record, the Transcription Service offers a comprehensive, quality service that benefits organisations and their customers – making sure no one is disadvantaged through lack of information.

This specialist and cost effective service also helps private, public and voluntary organisations comply with the Equality Act 2010.  It ensures that visually impaired people get access to the information they deserve and are entitled to.  All profits are used to help N-Vision provide its wide range of services.

Newsletters, booklets, menus, customer care information, official letters, legal documents, bank statements and labels are just some of the documents. For an example of an audio menu please use the player below.

N-Vision’s team can transcribe into:

  • Audio – available on CD, memory stick or as an MP3 file (a digital recording is available for customers who, for example, want to include audio information on their website)
  • Large print – documents transcribed using industry standards for font size, contrast and alignment
  • Braille – all documents can be transcribed into Braille using embossed, recycled paper

For more information on N-Vision’s Transcription Services please call 01253 362686 or email



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