Tomorrow’s World – Today!

//Tomorrow’s World – Today!

Tomorrow’s World – Today!

On Friday, January 31, from 10am to 2pm, at Sharples Hall, here at our HQ at Bosworth Place, Squires Gate, we host our very first exhibition of 2020 – a year of real significance to the VI community and to the charity’s fight back against avoidable sight loss for others. 

We have a much larger exhibition in September  but this curtain raiser features our friends Synapptic – regulars will be familiar with our monthly digital coaching sessions on Synapptic software – and independent UK family business VisionAid.

It’s all about upping the innovative technology offer for people living with sight loss. As Synapptic puts it: “Catch up. Reach out. Connect.”  

You can do so through a range of devices, large screen (or standard size) phones and tablets, specialist software (Synapptic version 7.5 was released in December), various packages.

Pleasingly, Synapptic also offer value phones including their specialist software, fully set up and ready to use, and a basic affordable phone but still with enhanced features.

A new trade-in scheme is a further incentive. 

Last year their Synapptic TV Box, now with the latest version software and new high contrast remote, was a real showstopper.

VisionAid is noted for its range of technologies, magnifiers, readers, wearable solutions, lighting, aids and more. One of latest products featured on its website is the IrisVision Live,  the next generation of wearable magnification – and a big plus for YouTube fans. It has text to speech, built in voice assist and more.

Join us to see, hear or touch tomorrow’s world today…

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