VIPS Project – Funded by the Big Lottery

/VIPS Project – Funded by the Big Lottery
VIPS Project – Funded by the Big Lottery 2016-09-02T12:19:55+00:00

Visually Impaired Personalisation Support Brokerage Service – Funded by the Big Lottery

This service is free and is basically about promoting the person, their needs and focussing on what they want.

Traditionally, in the past, people receiving Social Care had very little choice and had to accept what was available and they were told what was in their best interests.  Local Authorities would then buy services on their behalf.  Today this has all changed, or to be more specific, there is another way.


This one word encompasses change for the better.  Rather than have a budget that is managed by the Local Authority, Personalisation is about the Local Authority handing you your own personal individual budget, a Direct Payment. This Payment will be placed in your bank account and, with VIPS support, you can explore the options that are available, but in the end the choice is yours.

You take control of their own lives and we help you to develop your Support Plan which identifies your needs, wishes and aspirations.  A premise underpinning the service aims is that we all need three things in our lives to make us happy and fulfilled: money, friendship and meaning.

Everyone needs community, everyone needs to be heard and everyone needs to have fun.  Basically the VIPS Brokerage Service is about co-ordinating supports, assisting with developing plans and budgets and then make the plan happen, but essentially ensuring that the plan connects to what that person wants and supports their efforts to successfully achieve what they need.

Our wish is that people are not isolated and with their own Individual Budget they can connect with their own community and be involved with what happens to them, in their community.

Any further details please contact any member of the VIPS Team at N-Vision on 01253 362696


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