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Blackpool’s Talking Newspaper

nv chris and jgBlackpool’s Talking Newspaper, now in its 41st year at the charity, and one of the biggest in the country, is to start regular podcasts,  presented by our own resident anchorman/producer Johnny Gardener – who is severely sight impaired – and the society’s audio engineer and IT specialist Chris Carter.

It’s a great way of featuring a ‘taster’, particularly to newcomers to N-Vision, of the contents of the 12 (plus!) hour weekly ‘newspaper’  which features excerpts of local papers, magazines and more, including charity news, sport and public information updates, read by teams of volunteers.

 In addition to the Talking Newspaper available on digital audio plugs delivered direct to subscribers’ doors by the Royal Mail, the TN can also be downloaded online via our SoundCloud page:

You can also keep up to date with us on social media by following the charity on Twitter @N_Vision_NW and also on Facebook

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